How to find your ideal home

When you first start thinking about buying your new home, you may have a dream in mind. You may have certain things that you cannot compromise on.

Perhaps you need off-road parking so you can easily find a space after work. Perhaps you need a second bedroom to make into an office.

As you research the available properties, you may discover that your dreams are not realistic within your budget.

This is perfectly normal. It happens regardless of how much money you have to spend, whether this is your first property or fifth.

Where to look

You will have heard of websites like Rightmove or Zoopla. These are great to browse for homes. You can get the gist of what kinds of properties are available in what price brackets.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking every available property is on those sites. Register with local estate agents. Give them a call to explain your budget, preferred area(s) and requirements.

When an estate agent goes to see a property that will soon be available, there is a process they follow before it can go online. Things like completing paperwork, writing adverts, taking photos or videos have to be done. It can take as long as two weeks.

Any decent estate agent will contact the people they know this property would be a great fit for before all those items are ticked off the list. If you are registered with the agent, you could view the property, make an offer and start the buying process, before it’s ever gone online.

Great estate agents hear what your property needs are, even if you’re not able to articulate them. When they suggest you visit a property, it’s with good reason.

Think of the property shows on TV: how many times do they buy the ‘mystery house’? Be guided by the pros. It’s not their first rodeo!


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